A Conscious Brotherhood Where You Will


  1. 1
    • Welcome to the UnKonventional Awaken Men!

    • The PROBLEM!

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    • Trauma Home work 3x3 PDF

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    • Worksheet

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    • Burial Ritual!

  5. 5
    • Questions to reflect and Journal

  6. 6
    • Intro into Chakras

    • What are Chakras

    • Root Chakra (Muladhara)

    • Sacral Chakra (Swadhishthna)

    • Solar Plex Chakra (Manipura)

    • Crown Chakra

    • Heart Chakra

    • Throat Chakra

    • Third Eye Chakra

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    • The Rules & The Task

    • 7 day challenge to awakening

    • Addition recourses

  8. 8
    • 22/9/2021 - Shame and Trauma

    • 19/10/2021 - Approval, Control & Safety

    • 16/11/2021 - Deep Coaching

    • 22/11/2021 - creating new empowering stories

    • 25/1/22 - Money Matters

    • 22/2/2022 - Finical Values

    • 22/3/22

    • 25/5/22

    • 24/6/22 - purpose

    • 28/7/2022 - the legacy

    • 28/9/22 - 5 Pillars of Masculinity & Leadership

What's Covered?


    The Only LAW of the universe that we all must learn to understand is our IDENTITY, PURPOSE & PATH. Dharma is who we are, what we are here to do & WHY we are here!

  • Resilience

    Most men can only access 3 emotions - happy, sad and pissed off! An emotionally available man is an awoken being! We all must learn how to regulate our emotions and address our trauma. Suppressing our emotions & trauma will lead to failure on all fronts!

  • Gain Clarity on Purpose

    A man without a purpose is a man drifting and stumbling through life. Purpose gives us direction, drive, passion & excitement. We are all here to do something extraordinary! it's time to figure it out!

  • Spirituality

    What is spirituality? often the journey to self is disturbed due to spiritual bypassing! Here you will learn and evolve through the 4 levels of consciousness!

  • The Inner Darkness

    ​Beat that inner voice telling you that you need to do more to be secure and accepted. ​Take off the mask and let the authentic free version of you shine!

  • Mastery

    Learn to master your energy in all environments (work, play, home, family). Do more than check off societal boxes (house, car, degrees, money, dog, kids, picket fence)


Because “BE A MAN” “DON’T BE SUCH A PUSSY” and “BIG BOYS DON’T CRY” has caused more damage than most men would like to admit. These terms have had a catastrophic effect on most of us, causing us to live quiet lives of isolation and desperation masked in bravado, sexual prowess, a thirst for power, and escapism through drinking, drugs and porn. Men are hurting far more than we want to let on, and everyone is paying the price regardless of age, nationality, or occupation. It’s time for us to step in and reclaim what it means to be a man.

Men have been taught that we need to have all the “right” answers and have it all together and figured out. So to ask for help, to seek support, would be to admit that we don’t have it together, that we’ve somehow “failed” as a man. This is a self-made prison that we MUST be willing to free ourselves of immediately if we truly want to live. 

This is your chance to wake up and see yourself, so that you can create and live from your FULLEST potential and power before it’s too late. For the past 11 years I’ve been studying, teaching, and training in the Personal Development/Transformational space and in 99% of the rooms I entered, I was one of a very small group of men. Dudes have not been showing up when it comes to the work. Women meet up in sisterhood circles, they buy all the books, they take all the workshops, go to the retreats, and (as a whole) live longer...There is only reason for this and I would say it comes down to one word...PRIDE