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Thank You Universe

by Amberley Guilly

Niro- you are a gift from the universe. Thank you 🙏 I’ll be here for the next 30 days with you x

Frequency & Conquering Sickness

By Andy Fernandes

Thank you Niro Dayalan, that was special to return to breathwork and what you said about our frequency and conquering sickness


by Dayalan Srikantha

My Anxiety has significantly reduced! After only 3 days of practice. But more than anything, I have the processes, tools and strength to deal with the anxiety when it does rear its ugly head - thanks to for your guidance Niro 👊🏾

I Connected With My God

I connected with my god both in the past and in the future. I got him back with me in my present. He will stay with me forever!! I’m assured that I’m protected always. Always was and always will! Incredible feeling!! 🙏