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WELCOME to Passion, Purpose & Impact UNIVERSITY

Our MISSION: To empower people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, we create an impact that evolves the hearts & minds of humanity!

Can you imagine a life you LOVE waking up to? What would that look like? How would this life feel? 

Freedom from societies expectations, freedom from stress, anxiety and uncertainty. 

Our teachings are based on the foundation that we can obtain a life we LOVE waking up to, is by following the path of Passion, Purpose and Impact! 

What would it mean to you if you could; have more passion in your career and finances? more intimacy romantic relationships? & a group of soul mate friendships aligned to you? 

What if, you lived life according to you WHY and grow a deeper meaning in your life? 

IF you could leave an impact on this world what would it be? 

Our university inspires its students to align the life of their own design. This is what we call 'AWAKENING'! 

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Dayalan Srikanth's Testimonial

When his engagement ended & he lost his path

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Ready to take the next BIG Step in your personal evolution? Ready to evolve your Career, Relationship, Mental Health or Spiritual Wisdom all at once? Lets chat and find a path that is for YOU!!

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Jack Newell (Actor) Testimonial

"I was suicidal. Nothing worked and I was ready to give up! I was ready to end it!"